How to Play Skat

Introduction: Skat is a popular German card game for 3 players that is played with a standard deck of 32 cards. It is a trick-taking game that requires strategy and skill, making it a favorite among card game enthusiasts. In this guide, I will provide clear and concise instructions on how to play Skat, including the key gameplay elements and tips for success.

Objective: The objective of Skat is to score the most points by winning tricks during the game. A trick is won by playing the highest card of the suit led, or by playing the highest trump card if a trump suit was led. At the end of each round, points are awarded based on the number and value of cards in the won tricks.

Setup: To set up the game, remove the cards 2-6 from the deck, leaving a total of 32 cards. Then, shuffle the remaining cards and deal out 10 cards to each player. The remaining 2 cards are placed face down in the middle of the table to form the “skat.” The player to the left of the dealer becomes the forehand, and the player to their left becomes the middlehand.

Gameplay: The player to the left of the dealer leads the first trick by playing any card from their hand. The other players must then follow suit if possible, or play a trump card if they do not have the suit led. If a player does not have any cards of the led suit or trumps, they may play any card from their hand.

After all three players have played a card, the trick is won by the player who played the highest-ranking card of the suit led, or the highest trump if a trump suit was played. The winner of the trick then leads the next one.

The skat cards are not used in the actual gameplay but are kept by the forehand. After all 10 tricks have been played, the forehand adds the skat cards to their hand and discards any 2 cards, which will count towards their points at the end of the round.

Scoring: At the end of each round, points are awarded based on the value of the cards in the won tricks and the game contracts. The game contracts are predetermined before the game starts and can vary from round to round. They include “null” (no-trump game), “grand” (all trumps), “suit” (only one trump suit), and “null ouvert” (open null).

The basic scoring system is as follows:

  • Each card of the trump suit: 11 points (4 for the Jack, 3 for the Nine, 2 for the Ace)
  • Each card of a non-trump suit: 10 points (all Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, and 9s)
  • Each card of the non-trump suit 10: 10 points
  • Each card of the trump suit 10: 10 points
  • Each card of the skat: 2 points

Tips for Success:

  • Pay attention to the cards played and try to make educated guesses on what your opponents may have in their hands.
  • If you have a strong hand, consider bidding for a higher game contract to earn more points.
  • Keep track of the cards that have been played to help you make better decisions in later tricks.
  • Know when to play a trump card and when to save them for a more strategic moment.
  • Consider the game contracts and choose one that best suits your hand.

Conclusion: Skat is a fun and challenging card game that requires strategic thinking and a bit of luck. By following these instructions and keeping these tips in mind, you will be on your way to becoming a Skat expert in no time. Gather two friends and a deck of cards, and enjoy hours of entertainment with this classic German game.

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Clear and concise instructions on how the Skat standard deck card game is played.


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